Consulting on Equipment Selection

This course is designed to cover Subpart AA from Scope and Application, Definitions, and General Requirements. A special focus is given to the duties of the Competent Person and Qualified Person. It is not however sufficient in content to qualify you as a Qualified Person. The relationship of this standard to Subpart P and General Industry Standard: 1910.146 is reviewed as well. A test module is included and must be satisfactorily completed fore a wallet card can be issued.

Course time is between four and five hours, whether face to face or virtual.

My contact with many manufacturers and distributors will be helpful in choosing the right product for your job needs, as well as who has the equipment and who can provide job-site engineering if required.

Consulting on Equipment Selection

Contact Wendell Wood at Trench Safety Training for the training programs and excavation related services your company needs.

Virtual Meeting

Virtual Training

Through zoom discussion I will seek to assist you in evaluation of your equipment needs, job-site engineering requirements and vendor selection. Initial consultation will be billed at $75.00/hour, payable in advance through PayPal.
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