Vertical Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring, the best way to keep workers safe

Vertical Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring

At construction sites, especially when you are excavating, trenching, and shoring, worker safety should be on your top priority list. Trenching and shoring are exposed to high risks of collapses and cave-ins. An effective safety solution at such sites is very crucial for worker safety. Fortunately, vertical aluminum hydraulic shoring is an effective way to curb trenching accidents leading to injury and even loss of life.

Vertical Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring offers complete coverage from potential accidents during shoring and trenching operations.

Fast and reliable safety with Vertical Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring

Built to offer high convenience, Hydraulic Vertical Shores are made from lightweight aluminum that offers high durability and safe operations. Being lightweight, these Hydraulic Vertical Shores can be easily moved from one place to another during trenching and shoring operations. Moreover, they are engineered to offer high user-friendliness and thus have a simple and compact design that makes working with linear utility work or repair and maintenance sites very easy.

In many situations, hydraulic vertical aluminum shoring allows for fast installation and removal of the shores.

Trench Safety Training can provide you with resources for either purchase or rental of this equipment.

Eliminate collapses and cave-ins with Hydraulic Vertical Shores

Vertical Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring
Vertical Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring

The high-quality Hydraulic Vertical Shores from Trench Safety Training are built to last with a focus on replacing conventional shoring boxes with a more effective, safe, and user-friendly option. They overcome traditional trench boxes as they take a preventive approach to trench safety rather than remedial actions.

Unlike conventional trench boxes, high-quality Hydraulic Vertical Shores are designed to eliminate risks leading to cave-ins and collapse at shoring sites. They enhance the stability of the trench walls by compressing the surrounding soil of the trench walls with the right pressure. The result is a safe and easy workplace for your shoring crew to work without any fear of a potential cave-in or collapse.

Boost site safety and productivity with Hydraulic Vertical Shores

By installing Vertical Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring by Trench Safety Training, you can ensure that your workers do not fear to perform their best when they enter a trench. This robust device offers full stability to the trench walls creating a safe space. You can stay compliant with the trench safety regulations as specified by OSHA while promoting the trenching operation’s speed and thus enjoying higher profitability.

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