This course is designed to give the participant an overall view of excavation safety. General requirements of the standard are covered in detailed. Safety concepts are a major focus and the requirements for use of protective systems are discussed. Duties of a competent person are noted but are not discussed at length.

Course time is two hours, give or take, whether face to face or virtual.

Excavation Safety Awareness

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Virtual Meeting

Virtual Training

This course is available in a virtual format through Zoom. Class size is limited and are scheduled mutually as your time and my time are available. It is preferred that we conduct the training in one setting.

Course material is essentially the same as the face-to-face descriptions which are provided. Testing is conducted by email and completion cards are provided. It is possible that a zoom session to review testing will be needed, at no additional costs, but essential to make sure critical concepts and requirements of the standard are understood.

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