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I entered the industry in May of 1978 and was setting up a sewer laser in a sloped trenched when a collapse of the slope disrupted my efforts. I was not hurt but realized that there were rules for employee safety in these situations which were not being followed.

A little later I began to work with trench shields and ultimately became VP of Construction Products for Griswold Machine and Engineering (GME). At that time, 1980, GME and Efficiency Products Incorporated(EPI) were the only two nationwide distributors of trench shields.

In the course of these years I have worked for and with most every manufacturer of shoring products in the United States and Europe. I have a working knowledge of both sloping and benching requirements, shoring products, and shielding products, both steel, aluminum and fiberglass.

I have served with numerous associations and provided training in excavation safety over many years, beginning with my distributors, contractor organizations, and individual contractors, OSHA outreach centers, and compliance services.

A more detailed biographical sketch is available on request.

A final note, some contractors and their safety people do not know they do not know the standard and are only looking for an opportunity to satisfy an OSHA requirement that they provide training. You have many options, such as the distributors of shoring equipment, who provide training and most of them without making it a sales presentation.

If this is your objective, I am probably not your best option. Certainly, perhaps not your most economical option though at times I do find that my much lower overhead costs allow me to be very competitive.

I would encourage management to attend so that conflicts between common practice and OSHA standards can be discussed without putting your people in the difficult position of knowing that their procedures and practices are not compliant with the standard and their livelihoodis not in question if they request an opportunity to discuss.

Over Years of Experience - Wendell Wood

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