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Trench Safety Training is owned and operated by Wendell Wood.

Mr. Wood served for many years as VP of Shoring for GME, a leading manufacturer of shoring equipment. During that time, he co-chaired the Safety Committee of NUCA, representing utility contractors before OSHA committees and labor groups.

As the first president of the TSSA, Trench Shielding and Shoring Association, he represented existing manufacturers before various OSHA committees during the rewrite of the Subpart P Standard.

He also provided official comments before congress, and chaired working committees of labor and union representatives, utility contractors and shoring manufacturers.
Additionally, he solicited comments from utility contractors nationwide, and with this information met with OSHA leaders to provide contractor comments regarding drafts of the anticipated standard.

After the issuance of OSHA Subpart P, he served with Dr. Jack Mickle, Chairman of the ANSI 10.12 subcommittee on Excavation Safety. This ANSI standard was subsequently published as a joint project by ANSI and the National Safety Council.

Over Years of Experience - Wendell Wood

Contact Wendell Wood at Trench Safety Training for the training programs and excavation related services your company needs.

Extensive Experience in all types of shoring situations

Trench Safety Training is a continuation of the work done since that time under the names of MMJ Services and MMJ Consulting, as a vehicle for training and providing other services related to excavation safety.

Besides training programs, Trench Safety Training offers other services including Engineering Support and Referrals, Equipment Recommendations and Sources, Training Instructor Referrals, Safety Audits, Safety Manual Reviews and Updates, Simulated OSHA Safety Inspections, and Expert Witness Testimony. His travels throughout the US and Europe have allowed him to development a broad network of industry leaders, manufacturers, engineers, trainers, and distribution channels.

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