Change is inevitable! Growth is optional! It really does come down to perspective. LinkedIn is a prime example. Many of you here have posted after things have come tumbling down, career change, not your choice, failed dreams, disappointing relationship! But you chose not the victim’s mindset but you chose to be!

Today, a new adventure! My industry, excavation safety, has rewarded me greatly. Yes, disappointments! But mostly great companies, great people, defining relationships and fantastic associations.

A series of events start today. Probably, all things being equal, my last BAUMA!

But, as noted, times change. Today there are new companies and new people, new opportunities to grow and appreciate the great things afforded us.

The one constant here is the holy grail: zero deaths due to trench collapse.

And of late a repeated question? Why are deaths rising after many years of declining numbers?

I have suggest several answers in recent posts. One is our allowance of the tragedies to be viewed as “accidents.”

No so! Yes, preventable. But also, predictable and accordingly, not an accident.

Another reason stems from an interview many years ago, here at BAUMA, that Dr. Jack Mickle and I shared with the chief of Germany’s OSHA equivalent. His organization at the time 125 years old, our OSHA 35 years.

The infrastructure for 85 million in a country roughly tge size of the state of Georgia. Nearly zero deaths to trench collapse. How???

Extensive training of both contractor and employees before being allowed to work! Both employees and employers charged when process and procedures violated. Respect for life. No one, just to get a paycheck for his labor, should be exposed to an unsafe job or environment.

Do we need look further? 80% of our issues, by companies with less than 30 employees. Companies who are encouraged by low bid or limited opportunities to join associations like NUCA, AGC, ABC, where they can stay abreast of safety issues. Truth is they cannot afford not to join these associations. NAXSA can lead here…with training and equipment. But so can AEM and ARA, every digging machine can carry warning ⚠️ nstructions regarding the need for protective system at five feet or deeper and maybe when less than five feet. Why not!

There is much more and over the next several days, as I catch up with the changing landscape, I will share perspectives. Like…how Germany slide rail companies, some help from the UK, moved us from small area shoring to large area shoring.

Many friends no longer here. Rest In Peace! Well done! Many companies have passed. You are missed!

Let’s not be weary in well doing! We shall reap if we faint not! Perspective! Change! Growth! The power of choice.

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